Thinking about getting an abortion?

Thinking about getting an abortion? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In America, millions of unplanned pregnancies happen each year, for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons are health and safety-related, others are simply financial in nature. Out of the millions of unplanned pregnancies, 4/10 women will get an abortion. Statistics even show that 1 in 4 women will have an abortion before they are 30 years old.

Women should have a comfortable and supportive space to find refuge in difficult times. Pregnancy and what you decide to do with it is entirely your decision, and it is important that women know where to get help when faced with it.

Often times the decision is simple, but we understand that other times it is extremely difficult to make. Nonetheless, the decision should be entirely yours. Sometimes deciding to delay the next offspring is wanting to be a good parent to the kids you already have. Adding more children to the mix is not always what is best for the children you already take care of.

You might be in an abusive relationship, or a victim of sexual assault. You also might want to finish school, or save money, and now is just not the right time or you can find yourself in a relationship with someone you don’t want to raise kids with. Or you can simply just not want kids. Regardless of the reason, women should find support and medical assistance with their decision to do the procedure.

Decisions about your pregnancy are deeply personal. We recommend you to find support in times when you are facing decisions like this. It is good to choose people who are non-judgmental and supportive in your decisions. Sometimes family and friends can make this process easier or more difficult on you. Ultimately getting the best support in a non-judgmental and support way comes from reaching out to your local clinic.


At Aastra Women’s Center, we treat each woman and her decision with dignity, and respect. All while being under the care of the top medical professionals in the field and in a safe medical environment. As States around the country are trying to make it harder for women to get abortions, there are others on the forefront of making it easily available. We must not forget how far we have come in giving women the right to choose what she needs for her well being. Pregnancy is still in your hands, so we urge you to come in if you are thinking about getting an abortion.

If you are struggling with making this decision, first and foremost reach out to a friend, a supportive family member, a spouse, or any other support system that will help you, if that is not enough, and we understand that it isn’t always, reach out to us or any other planned parenthood in the area. Remember, you are not alone.