Surgical Abortion Procedure and Its Advantages

Every surgical procedure is involving some risk, but surgical abortion procedure is considered as one of the safest and one of the most common outpatient surgeries in the United States.

The surgical abortion procedure is considered as a much more effective method with a lower failure rate than a medication abortion. Above 98% of surgical abortions are successful, while only around 2% of women need another intervention or repeated procedure.

The advantages of choosing a surgical abortion:

  • Surgical abortion can be performed later in the pregnancy than a medical abortion
  • The procedure takes only a few minutes
  • Medical staff will be present to help you through the procedure
  • Surgical abortion often requires only one office visit. No further appointments are usually needed.
  • Surgical abortion is considered more effective than a medical abortion
  • Less cramping and bleeding than with a medical abortion
  • Surgical abortion can be performed under twilight sedation to reduce awareness
  • If you don’t have BC medical, then a surgical abortion would be a more affordable option
  • In case you have low iron (anemia), this type of abortion is recommended as it includes less bleeding
  • Recovery after this type of abortion is usually very fast, with most women returning to the majority of their normal activities within one or two days
  • Surgical abortion has a high success rate


The procedure of a surgical abortion involves the use of gentle suction to empty your uterus. The doctor will first apply local anesthesia into the cervix, but the oral medications can also help you relax and control any discomfort. It’s most commonly performed when women are in the first trimester, up to fourteen weeks gestation. Surgical abortion has the lowest complication rate when carried during that period. Even though a surgical abortion can be performed in the second trimester, this does involve a bit complex surgical procedure. 

This kind of abortion is considered as one of the safest surgical procedures in the US. The uncomplicated surgical abortion poses virtually no risks to your reproductive health, as it’s demonstrated by numerous studies. In case you’re worried about infections, you can decrease the risk by simply following post-surgical care instructions, at home, and seek prompt treatment in case any symptom or infection occurs. 

For many women, this type of abortion is an event that feels much secured and resolved. The procedure is brief, and clinic staff is present so that they can provide medical or emotional support immediately. Bleeding and cramping are usually mild and rarely severe. Any deeper sedative requiring monitoring will be provided by the medical staff. 

Women that choose a local anesthetic:

  • Will be able to leave the clinic sooner than ones with a general anesthetic. 
  • Won’t need to fast beforehand
  • Won’t need someone to accompany them during the abortion process

What if you change your mind?

Don’t worry; you can change your mind at almost any time. At Aastra Women’s Center, we want you to be entirely sure about the decision you made before you have an abortion. Feel free to call us to book a counseling session if you need any help with deciding between the two types of abortion. 

We believe that providing women with information and counseling is essential in helping a woman to consider the options she has and ensure that she can make a decision free from pressure. Many women are making decisions about abortion before seeking any kind of information and care. This decision has to be respected without subjecting women to mandatory counseling. At our clinic, the provision of counseling is voluntary, confidential, and provided by a trained professional.