How much is an abortion in Florida?

As you already know, abortion is a medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. There are several types of abortion, like medical and surgical abortion. It depends on how long you are pregnant. You need to know all your options, so you can choose the best one for you. The first thing is to meet your doctor and choose the right clinic. But, you’ll probably wanna know how much is an abortion in Florida? Call an abortion clinic Fort Lauderdale for detailed information about abortion service prices.

How much does abortion cost in Florida?

Remember that there are many criteria on which the price of abortion depends. Here are some of them:  

  • Which type of abortion you are having

If we are talking about medical abortion, usually, the price depends on your stage of pregnancy. If you are more weeks pregnant, the price is growing. It’s the same thing with surgical abortion, but in some places, the abortion pill costs less than in-medical abortion.

  • Your state’s laws

Abortion in Florida is legal, but if you want an abortion, you’ll need an ultrasound first. The price of ultrasound depends from clinic to clinic, and some of the pregnancy help clinics can offer you a free ultrasound.

  • Health insurance and your financial support programs

Your health insurance can help you with the costs of your abortion, and it can cover just a piece of the price of this process or even all. Don’t worry if you don’t have insurance. Here is the solution: there are some centers out there that may help you to find some of many pregnancy programs.

The medical abortion

This type of abortion involves medications in two doses, and the result is the same as the miscarriage. You can do this procedure from 1-13 weeks after your last period or it can be done if your pregnancy has further developed between 14-24 weeks, but it’s a higher risk of complications. 

How does it work?

The abortion pill is a combination of two medications- mifepristone and . When you take the first pill, you can see just small bleeding because its function is to block the hormones and to stop pregnancy development. Then you need to take another pill of misoprostol. In the next 72 hours, you can expect vaginal bleeding and cramping. Your bleeding will take some time, so it will be great to use maxi pads. Some women have light bleeding until their next period (next 3-6 weeks).

Is this safe?

Absolutely yes. This type of pill is effective in 97% of cases, and there are low risks of complications. It can not affect your ability to have a baby someday when you are ready.


Keep in mind that all these steps can be different, and it depends on your hospital, doctors, part of the town where you are doing it, and others. Please, don’t try to do this alone or buy these pills on a black market; it could be perilous. Always choose the safest way for you and your health. Take your time and take care of yourself