How Early Or Late Can You Get An Abortion?

Many women who visit an abortion clinic Fort Lauderdale looking for abortion services have these two same doubts: how early or late can you get an abortion? If you just discovered you’re pregnant and want to terminate the pregnancy, there is no doubt you will want to proceed with an abortion as soon as possible. The times when an abortion is allowed by law can change a few weeks from state to state, but it always remains relatively short. How far you are into the pregnancy also determines the abortion method you can choose. If you are wondering, How far along can I get an abortion? or Can I still use the abortion pill? continue reading. 

How Early Or Late Can You Get An Abortion?

Methods of abortion

There are two abortion procedures you can choose between when wanting to end a pregnancy: taking abortion pills or having a surgical abortion. There is a debate about abortion pill vs. procedure, but overall both methods are absolutely safe and have highly successful rates. The one you opt for will mostly depend on personal preference and your healthcare provider’s advice. However, depending on how far into your pregnancy, you can only choose one method.  

Medication abortion is safer and has better chances to succeed when you use the pills under the guidance of health care professionals. Same way, it is always recommended to have a surgical abortion performed by licensed physicians at professional health centers.

A medication abortion (abortion pills)

For a medication abortion, the most common procedure includes two drugs: mifepristone and misoprostol. The first one, mifepristone, suppresses progesterone production – a hormone your body produces to support the pregnancy. You will have to take the second one, misoprostol, a few hours or days after mifepristone. Your doctor will tell you all you need to know, from the medication abortion regimen to potential side effects, but also what to do if the abortion pill didn’t work.

Surgical abortion procedure 

A surgical abortion is an in-person procedure performed by a physician at a health center, and this method can be performed in two different ways – vacuum aspiration or mid-trimester termination of pregnancy. During a vacuum aspiration abortion, the content of the uterus is gently suctioned. The entire process lasts around 15 minutes, and an anesthetic is usually injected to avoid pain. A mid-trimester termination of pregnancy is almost the same procedure but a little more complex; perhaps you’ll be asked to remain at the clinic for a day or two after the abortion. For this method, the cervix gets softened and dilated before the suction. 

How Early Can You Get An Abortion?

Some women find out they are pregnant and know right away that abortion is the best option for them. If that is your case and you’re wondering how early you can get an abortion, the answer is as soon as you learn you are pregnant. Most people ask if they must wait a minimum of days or weeks before soliciting an abortion. There are no time limits on how early you can get an abortion.

How Late Can You Get An Abortion?

In Florida, the law allows women to have a medical abortion up to 15 weeks into their pregnancy. That law changes from state to state. And depending on the clinic and the procedure you choose, that time limit can change. For example, most private clinics perform abortions up to 12 weeks gestation. 

What your first steps should be

If you missed your period or think you could be pregnant, the first step is taking a pregnancy test. There are many reasons why you could miss a period, so it is best to make sure you are pregnant by taking a quick test – you can purchase one at any pharmacy. If the test is positive and you want to end the pregnancy, the next step is scheduling an appointment at an abortion clinic. 

A doctor will perform an ultrasound and pelvic examination at the health center to confirm the pregnancy and at which gestation stage you are. That information will be crucial to determine which abortion method suits you best. At your first visit, you will not get an abortion; in that initial consultation, you will talk with a doctor and reproductive health advocate about your options. Each woman will receive counseling regarding abortion methods, potential risks and complications, and follow-up care. At the clinic, doctors will also perform some blood tests to determine your Rh factor and blood pressure and to rule out STDs, such as RPR – this step is vital before having an abortion. 

Abortion methods depending your pregnancy stage

Depending on how far into the pregnancy you are, there could be a method that best suits you. Or perhaps, you no longer have one method as an option. The earlier you find out you are pregnant – the better. In most cases, all procedures are valid options in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

Medication pills – which have 98% of efficacy – can be taken up to the first 12 weeks of gestation. Mifepristone and misoprostol work better within the first 10 to 12 weeks of the pregnancy. After that time frame, the risks of complications and medical interference increase, so medication abortion is no longer a valid and safe option.

As explained above, a surgical procedure involves emptying the uterus with a gentle suction. If you want to choose this method instead of abortion pills, you might have to wait a few weeks. You can have a vacuum aspiration abortion between weeks 8 and 12 of the pregnancy. After the 13th week, you must have a mid-trimester termination. 

Where can I get an abortion?

In Florida, women have the right to choose whether they want to have an abortion to end a pregnancy. When a woman decides she wishes to terminate a pregnancy, the best option is to schedule an appointment at a professional health center, particularly an abortion clinic. For abortions or any other annual physical exam checklist for females, you should always attend a legitimate health clinic. 

Crisis pregnancy centers sound like a good option, but these establishments are not legitimate medical clinics. They often don’t provide patients with a comprehensive spectrum of reproductive health services and options. Another alternative we advise you against is buying abortion pills online. You can never be sure if what you are purchasing contains the actual drug your body needs to induce an abortion. Besides, even with the medication method, you need medical guidance to achieve a successful and safe abortion. 

Final thoughts

Now you know how early or late you can have an abortion and how the times determine the abortion methods you can choose between. What matters the most is that you resort to a professional medical clinic with experienced physicians. Our clinic’s healthcare providers will guide you through every step before and after the abortion. Do you have additional questions? Contact us or visit our center; our team of experts will help you with everything we can.