Helpful Resources

Alternative healing from Dr. Karen Rowe, for the mind/body connection (

Counselor, life coach, Pamela Morgan, MSW, LCSW. Free your feelings to begin your healing. (

National Abortion Rights Action League ( NARAL is the political arm of the pro-choice movement and a strong advocate of reproductive freedom and choice. NARAL’s mission is to protect and preserve the right to choose while promoting policies and programs that improve women’s reproductive health.

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) ( was founded in 1993 by students concerned about the shortage of doctors trained to provide abortion care, the lack of abortion education in medical schools, and escalating violence against abortion providers. The organization represents students at more than 100 medical schools across the United States and Canada.

The National Organization for Women ( is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States. NOW’s goal is “to take action” to bring about equality for all women. Both the actions NOW takes and its position on the issues are often unorthodox, uncompromising and ahead of their time.

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice ( is the religious voice for reproductive choice through the moral power of religious communities.

Catholics For A Free Choice ( A social justice organization devoted to research, policy analysis, education and advocacy on issues of gender equality and reproductive health.

National Council of Jewish Women ( is a volunteer organization that works through a program of research, education, advocacy and community service to improve the quality of life for women, children and families and strives to ensure individual rights and freedoms for all.

Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Resolution After an Abortion ( is very helpful to work through feelings after an abortion- both for the patient and for partners, friends and family members.

Answers your questions about teen sexual health and sexually transmitted disease prevention from the American Social Health Association. (

American Social Health Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping sexually transmitted diseases and their harmful consequences to individuals, families and communities. Site has links and educational information about STDs and HPV. AIDS and STD hotlines: Phone numbers are 800-227-8922 or 800-342-AIDS. (

Rape, abuse and incest help and information. (

Alchoholics Anonymous (

Al-Anon (